Massively Reduce Meteor Traffic - Meteor for IoT data tarifs

I run a Meteor Cordova App for 24 h 7 days a week on a client.

I have an IoT data tarif that allows 1MB a month + additional data for Hot Code Push (HCP).

And I don’t want to miss HCP.

Problem is: the DDP heartbeat of Meteor alone needs 5MB a month (if I calculated right).

So what is the best way to accomplish this?

  • Is it possible to disable the heartbeat? How does DDP behave then?

  • If I use a REST API via HTTP for all traffic. How do I start a HCP?

Thanks for your ideas.

hi obiwahn, did you find a solution for that ?

You could try changing the timeout for the DDP heartbeat at least:

The problem you may see with a Cordova app is that you may not change plugins because that will disable the HCP. So you would only be able to update the javascript code etc.

What is your use case @baris ? Maybe we can help on a more specific question?

I have a huge battery drain on Android tablet. Battery consumed by wireless connection increases significantly. I reduced published data as much as possible. But still traffic is very high and I am trying to cut every single bit.


  • stopped any DDP traffic (no subscriptions)
  • changed to a REST-HTTP api (restivus)
  • and hold back and cache all unimportant HTTP requests and send them once every 24h in a compressed request
    Got down from 160MB to 1MB traffic :slight_smile:

In my case I need data to be sent to server max in every 10-15 minutes. I thought I could accomplish this by Meteor.disconnect() and Meteor.reconnect(). But every time I reconnect I receive data for all the subscriptions again.

I think I must mention also I am using grounddb. One of the main reasons I choose Meteor is I don’t need to write extra code to synchronize data between server and tablet. Yet it came with a huge battery cost!

Any one here because of high traffic or data consumption see
Let ne know if it helps.