High data consumption


Android is reporting high data consumption which I can’t explain anyway.

I set up a test environment started the app on android and left it on login screen. At this point there is no subscription yet. Android reports 20MB data consumption after 1 hour!

I hooked to Meteor.connection._send and Meteor.connection._stream.on message and logged all DDP traffic to console. It is just pings and pongs, nothing else. I don’t think ping-pong really create 20MB traffic in 1 hour.

So where the traffic comes from ? What is happening behind the scenes? How can I trace it?
Any help that can give me a clue will be highly appreciated.

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Well this is disappointing! :frowning: Nobody replied since a month.
In case anyone else having this problem I found that node is sending over 150 keep alive packages per second through proxy port. Not only mobile but all my applications have the same problem. I just noticed it with mobile apps due to traffic limit. Just create a new app and it is there.

Thanks for your findings. Never knew this.

Did you find a workaround ? is there a parameter to tweak such behavior ?


Add --app-port 3000 --port 3001 and block 3001 at firewall.