MasterModal - Giving back a fully featured Bootstrap modal package for Blaze

Thanks so much to the Blaze developers and the package/atmosphere community for all the amazing code that is available for Meteor and Blaze.

I’ve been using similar code personally for over a year, and finally formalized it into a Meteor package.

Its early alpha, but is fully functional. Please check it out and let me know what you think! Feel free to post issues.



Am working on updating the docs on github. See most up to date there:


Updated the documentation. Hoping to get feedback before final development. Any ideas? Feel free to post here or check/open issues.

As this is a UI thing - you need to create a demo. Show the modal in action, and the code behind it.

Ok @msavin thanks for the input! Suggested platform for demo? Standalone?

Standalone, real app. You can deploy it for free to Heroku. Let people see code samples and run them.

Ok I’m looking into it. The only problem is that deploying an app that only pops up a modal, and doesn’t let developers view or edit the code, seems a little pointless. Looking for a meteorpad replacement turns up nothing so far. Tried to find what other packages are using for demos. Of course AutoForm is a nice one.

I could build a little “mini-meteorpad” just for the package I suppose…

Added some more final changes to core conventions and enhanced some core methods. Also working on improving documentation. This is very usable now. Looking forward to any in-the-wild feedback :slight_smile: