Match the Color - Simple game for my first app with Meteor

Match the Color

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my first attempt at Meteor! It’s a simple game where you try to match a target random color by moving and scrolling with your mouse. You have 3 attempts, and the faster you are and the closer you get to the target, the more points you earn.

The main Meteor feature I used is the Hall of Fame section, that holds all the highscores. I tend to use extensively jQuery and events on my projects, so I really liked the Meteor templating system. On the other hand, I cannot say that I am particularly enthusiastic about MongoDB, as I had to search and write some confusing code to write some basic queries. Right now, the app works perfectly when using a mouse, but there are some bugs when using a touchpad or on mobile browsers, which I am currently working out.

Anyway, any kind of feeback, like feature recommendations or anything you don’t like, are welcome!


pretty fun!
i think i broke the scoreboard though.

Ha! That’s the feedback I was looking for. :slight_smile: I will try to fix that, glad you liked the game!


I am also pretty sure that I was asked to replicate a colour which was impossible to find… it was a crimson red colour which doesn’t seem to exist on the right hand pallet anywhere?
I am using a macbook pro with my trackpad, dont have a mouse with scroll wheel if that is what i am missing…

Yeah as I said on my original post, the trackpad is buggy when scrolling up or down, which is the way to adjust the blue component. I guess that’s the reason you coundn’t find it, thanks for the feedback again!

Ah that makes sense then.

Also - my top score was like 240K points, but when that 45K point score
went to #1 I think it was because I did it in 0.01 seconds or something (I
just spam clicked the right box to get a fast time)… my 240K score was
still like 3rd on the list but now its been replaced by the 45K score.

I probably wrongly missenterpreted arguments for that scoring method call and broke it :frowning:
or no :smiley:

you can remove my score, I will be good boy now :innocent:

Actually the 45k score went first because I was storing it in the database with .toLocaleString(), so your score was 45,000 while the others were 320.000 (notice the decimal mark). Now I store it as a number and only use toLocaleString() when printing it on the screen.