Mate-app: completely overhauled


Hello there,

at my workplace, coffe is not to everybody’s taste and some just want a little variety. Long ago one of my colleagues bought a crate of “Club Mate” from his own money and pinned a tally above it to the wall. Every employee and our student employees who want to drink a bottle had to mark it on the list. Because of the unsteady work times/days of our student employees and their chronic shortage of money, collecting debts was unpleasant.
So I made this app. Now we have a beverage cash box, buy the crates pre paid and manage deposits and purchases with this app with minimal effort.

Last year I initially posted about this app on meteor-talk, now there is the completely refactored version for you. The versions on github and running in our company are the same, except the accounts package. I made a company intern openid login flow which we use instead of the github login I added to this app. I hope you can get some inspiration out of it and let me know, if there are flaws, bugs or things that should be done in a different way.

The repo is located here.