Material Design Front-End

Hi Everyone, first post here at the Meteor Forums, actually, i think it’s my first post ever related to programming on the web, usually i find the answers i’m looking for in other ppls posts, but not today.

I have been studying Meteor for two weeks now, but, i’m struggling in settle down in which front-end/libraries that are based on Material Design to use with my apps, it’s so much to take in and i’m really confused on what should i search for, or, what are the best options.
I searched trough the forums but all topics on the subject seem to be quite outdated (2015 or so), i Looked to semantic-ui, MDL, Materialize, but couldn’t choose which one would be the best to start with, since i’m fairly new (4 months) to all this Web Dev Happiness.

In short: which library/Front-end Framework based on Material Design should a Newbie start with? and, do i need to pair said library/framework with some short of grid system to make it responsive?.

I apologize in advance if i asked something rather basic.
Thx! :slight_smile:

If you are using blaze I recommend Materialize. If react then Material-UI.

Materialize has grid built in, but Materal-UI will need one if you wish to go that route.

To use Materialize should get it straight from the npm? or from athmosphere package?

I would go with NPM since it’s the most likely to stay up to date.

Thank you, and happy new year :slight_smile:

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Same to you! :slight_smile:

I’ve never used it but looks very nice.