Material UI and Meteor 1.3/npm

This is probably not even a Meteor question and just relates to npm, but I’ll shoot anyway:

I’m on a project using Meteor 1.3 and Material UI. I’ve got the necessary Material packages from NPM and I’m using their React components (this is slick, BTW, and I might switch to Material from Bootstrap!).

But as for SCSS, I’m still using the fourseven:scss Atmosphere package. How would I go about removing that and using npm for my SCSS processing? Material doesn’t seem to do it out of the box.


You would need something like webpack to make this work with npm packages. As far as I know meteor is only supporting JavaScript packages. Theoretically this can be done with npm scripts (if u only wanna use npm) but I am not to sure about meteors support of npm script in meteor’s build process

I have a similar question. How to import .scss files located in the installed npm package (node_modules)

I mean something like (in main.scss in the app):

@import 'foundation-sites/scss/foundation.scss';

I’ve tried many combinations. Nothing works with fourseven:scss.
Do we have a solution for this in Meteor 1.3 @benjamn @sashko ? Thanks.