Material UI Boilerplate

Hey guys,

upcoming project I envisioned to use Material-UI to skin meteor rendered HTML

ok, but then to actually build it, using side-drawer, user management, nav etc, looking for boilerplates

bests ones i can find are

cleverbeagle pup -
awesome-meteor -

ok, awesome meteor hasn’t been touched for about 4 years, does this mean it’s dead or that it works just fine, no changes needed?

pup looks good, exactly what I need, but not using material-ui - can i just use material-ui in there somehow ? I mean it runs on React and Bootstrap, so I should be able to use material-ui for these frameworks easily enough?

has anyone seen another meteor boilerplate that uses material-ui ?

I can just use material ui out-of-the-box inside a meteor project, but there is no boilerplate work to get user accounts, roles, products , done, any ideas here would really help.


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Are you using React? If so it’s easy to add Material-UI. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of using pup boilerplate
cleverbeagle pup -

which uses react… will including material UI there break the boilerplate? … because of its internal routing and structure…

Just trying to save hours diving into dead ends.


I have a starter here I use for my own projects:

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Thanks dude looks great! I’ll have a play.

I was looking at the users / superadmin / roles / products / CRUD boilerplate stuff out of the way, but might need to revisit . :frowning: