Material-UI Starter App demo

Hi all,

As it’s still the festive season, I’ve decided to share a material-ui react starter app:


Bitbucket Repo

Probably like may, I started getting my toes wet with react. And although I kinda like the whole concept, I’ve hit a wall so many times, my nose is quite flat by now.

Most demos are very basic, so once I got a bit further, I got stuck all the time. For example, all code you find is for inserting a doc, and that’s easy. But just try updating a document in React! Compared to Blaze, this has many snags.

So to avoid other people hitting the same walls, you can check the demo.

It has

  • Mobile / Desktop view
  • Navbar
  • Complete Modular namespace and folders
  • Dynamic sidemenu

I still consider myself as a novice, so all tips and corrections are welcome!



Off question: how does one “star” a project on BitBucket–or add to bookmarks or favorites equivalent? I only noted follow, fork, and watch.

I don’t think it’s possible on Bitbucket. It’s kinda specific to Github. They should make something similar… But maybe there are not enough good projects to ‘star’ :grinning:

Long ago, I had to choose between Github and Bitbucket, and I sort of stuck around here.

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This is really fantastic work, thank you. I’ve been down a list of material ui, meteor, react google searches.

There is a small issue I’ve discovered using form elements: Due to some sort of bug in the MenuItem component, focus on formelements might be lost after an onChange parent handler.

I fixed it by rebuilding the SideMenu with Lists and ListItems, but I still have to update the repo

Nicely done. I’ve been puzzling over how best to make material-ui responsive. Think I’m going to steal your ideas. :smile:

FWIW, I have a mostly complete conversion of themeteorchef/base (react version) to material-ui, which includes accounts and snackbars.


It still needs some polish, and there is some stray bootstrap yet to be expunged, but merged with yours could make for a nicely rounded starter. :+1:

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