Materialize css with Sass


Has anyone managed to get materialize with sass working?

I’ve been using the official Materialize package, however I’d prefer to get the Sass version running using something like Do i need to remove the official css package, download the sass files and compile them via fourseven’s solution?

Would really appreciate any input on getting this to work. Thanks :smile:


In order to get it working properly, you would have to rename all of the *.scss files to *.import.scss except for the main.scss file that has all of those other files imported. This has been an issue with LESS and SASS files for awhile now and this is the workaround I have found that works. Atleast, that’s how i’ve done it with LESS, it probably works the same with SASS though. It’s a builder issue more than anything.


Thanks for the feedback. solved my problem. In the case of materialize however, i had to download the scss files from their repo manually which isn’t ideal, as i’ll need to keep refreshing them per release. The solution is for the materialise autopublish package to include the scss files by default. Then we will get the latest scss files from git.


I wrote a package for that



Do you think it would be possible to have this support from the original repo? That way we’d be sure it’s always up to date.


Materialize actually have their own official package using css.

I don’t know if it’s possible to provide a param in installation like meteor install -sass to specify how to install a package. If we can not do that, either css or scss version can be installed. I do not think materialize would agree to use sass only.

What’s your thought?