Materialize: form's input label and autocompleted text overlap


I’m having some troubles with the materialize:materialize package. In Chrome autocomplete is messy with the input label and autocompleted text overlapping.

There is no problem when the form template is loaded after a different template, but the problem shows up when the page is loaded directly in a new browser tab, or reloaded. (Once focused on the field, the label moves out of the way.) I used the standard Materialize markup for forms. Setting autocomplete="off" on the form or input tags didn’t help.

I’m developing in Windows and my current package stack is:

- materialize:materialize 0.96.1
- meteor-platform 1.2.2-rc.0*
- okgrow:iron-router-autoscroll 0.0.8 
- rubaxa:sortable1.1.1

Any suggestions?


This seems to be a problem with materialize. I guess it would be better to open an issue over there. A quick search came up with this.


Thanks @jhuenges. I actually saw that, but wasn’t sure if that was the official repo. Nevertheless, I’ve now posted the issue there as well.