Max Limits for Meteor 1.6 + ReactJS


Dear Meteor Champions,

I am looking for Meteor to build large scale Enterprise level apps. Can you please help me with these questions?

  1. What is maximum “steady” concurrent users possible with Meteor 1.6 & ReactJS combination?
  2. When we hit that limit, what are the ways we can increase the additional users “Without sacrificing the Reactivity magic” of Meteor.
  3. How to solve another scenario where there is a Spike load or sudden surge in concurrent users in case of Black-Friday sales, etc

I know that the exact answers depends on many other things. I would like to know all those limits with all possibilities / dependencies.

Please help.

Ashish Naik


As you said yourself the answer depends on many things and as such it is hard to give an answer. It also allows you to optimize your app in many ways.

  1. This number varies greately I heard number from 100 to 10000 per container (again depends on what type of containers you have for your app and DB and other things).
  2. The easiest way is to optimize your DB queries / remove bottlenecks, remove unnecessary calls/subscriptions, different versions of caching, remove reactivity where it isn’t needed and other general optimization that are discussed in performance/scaling topics.
  3. Horizontal scaling, If you use Galaxy there is the avariodev:galaxy-autoscale package. DB usually can handle more users than the app contaners so you should be in general fine there, but if you know that you are going to have spike, as you mentioned, on black friday then you can increase the number of containers in the morning and downscale as the traffic gets lower.