Max-old-space-size not working with galaxy GALAXY_NODE_OPTIONS

i have galaxy standard pro account (1 gb ram)
i set max-old-space-size in settings like this “GALAXY_NODE_OPTIONS”: “–max-old-space-size=900”
but i still getting error on log like this
Memory usage: rss: 388 Mb, heapTotal: 301 Mb, heapUsed: 276 Mb, external: 26 Mb

and galaxy notified me that my container is not healthy.

Have you tested if the app works without this setting added?

yes my app is not taking too much memory but galaxy showing that the container is unhealthy

Sometimes that can happen if you app starts doing “startup tasks” right away. For example, in my app, when it starts up I refresh a bunch of caches on the server based on data from the database. It takes like five minutes to refresh the caches.

If I try to do this right away, Galaxy will report the container as unhealthy because I guess the CPU is maxed out. So I have to a do a Meteor.setTimeout and throttle how often I update the caches as to let the CPU have time to respond to Galaxy.

It can also happen if anywhere in your code you drop into an infinite loop. Have any bad while loops?

thank you @evolross will check this :slight_smile: