Maximum dataset size



is there a limit to the dataset size that a collection can take?
if the DB runs locally on the browser with a mini mongo instance, there is potential for filling up the localStorage.

is there a reference or rule of thumb for this number?



According to the following Stackoverflow answer, the cap is at 10MB.


Thanks for the quick reply… is that to confirm the limitation is the localStorage limitation?
what happens when the dataset exceeds the limit? is Meteor smart enough to display partial content, lazy load the dataset, or will it just crash?


Meteor doesn’t store subscription data (Minimongo) in localStorage…

It just stores it in-process. Refreshing the page will cause it to re-subscribe and download all the data necessary again.

As such, the dataset is limited by:

  • Your Meteor servers connection / load to your mongo server
  • Your clients connection speed to your Meteor server
  • The amount of RAM available to the clients browser.