MDG is Hiring Meteor Developers

Some have expressed a view that MDG was becoming less involved with Meteor. For this reason I was glad to see a recent post from @sashko mentioning that MDG is currently hiring Meteor developers.


Right, also mentioned in transmission #16 if you haven’t watched that yet.

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For as long as I can remember, MDG has always been hiring; they’ve always had job postings up on their site and they do change from time to time. That being said, the fact that MDG is hiring doesn’t necessarily translate into resources working (directly anyways) on Meteor. Review the current openings and you’ll see what I mean.

MDG has their priorities and need to hire who they need to hire to keep making great things, that help their business. Let’s not forget that MDG really stands for “Meteor Development Group Inc.”; that Inc. is very important, and means that they need to watch their bottom line. We’ve all benefitted greatly from MDG’s commitment to Meteor over the years, but they need to prioritize in order to keep the lights on (and all the power to them - this is business 101). Sure, having a dedicated team of paid developers working on an open source project is awesome, but we all know it’s almost never sustainable.


Now for the great news - MDG doesn’t need to hire anyone to help take Meteor to the next level. Anyone here that wants to help Meteor progress can join in and help quite easily. MDG has put in place a great issue/PR triage process and has been following it closely. They’ve not only been listening to community suggestions/feedback, but also getting well thought out and discussed community provided PR’s integrated into the codebase, in a timely manner. Some existing Meteor bug driving you crazy? Awesome - take a crack at fixing it and submit a PR; other community members will give you a hand and help you get it accepted. Is there some piece of functionality missing in Meteor core that would just be amazing to have? Perfect - start a discussion via a new issue, collect feedback, and work on a PR.

Sure MDG could decide to double down and hire a few new developers to work on Meteor, but they could never hire hundreds. The active Meteor community is more than hundreds (those GH stars keep climbing every day!), so please everyone - come over to and let’s all help Meteor thrive for a long time to come!



And if everything goes well the people we do hire will be able to focus on enabling the community to do the truly great things!


I’ll give it a shot. What’s the worse thing that can happen? :slight_smile:

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Haha you have no idea

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