MDG Marketing: Meteor Cost Calculator

The todos list example does a nice job but maybe MDG could put a simple cost calculator together as a marketing tool? Dev shops/enterprises could throw in a couple inputs and it spits out the money saved if they switch to a meteor-based stack?

  • country/location (used to get an hourly wage, or they could just plug in an average hourly wage)
  • average large projects per year (maybe by lines of code, or whatever measure you want)
  • average medium projects per year
  • average small projects per year

It spits out an estimate of using meteor vs. [insert stack, maybe LAMP as an example]

The calculation could of course be more in-depth (or less). It’s just a quick marketing tool to get potential enterprise-level folks to turn their heads… not necessarily the end-all-be-all of their cost-benefit analysis.

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I used some other stacks in the past and meteor is one of the most expensive you can imagine in per user costs. You don’t use meteor cause of it’s price… you use it because “vanilla node” was(is) developers hell without it.

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Yeah I think the OP was talking about making a calculator that helps people trade off development costs, where meteor saves a lot, with operational costs, where meteor can be more expensive.