MDG seemingly not all that reactive to React changes


v0.14 itself is now over a month old and we haven’t yet seen it. It feels as if the official MDG React package is starting to fall further and further behind.

How is this going to play out going forward as React continues to develop? I’m hoping Meteor doesn’t end up persistently being incompatible with 99% of React components. A lot of what I see already have a dependency on v0.14.

I know there were structural changes that require effort from such as splitting out ReactDOM. However, did I not read somewhere that MDG hired a Facebook React team developer? Someone needs to crack the whip.


Hey, you just reminded me that there was a really awesome PR for this upgrade here:

This gets us to React 0.14.

Working on 0.14.1 now.


And now we have 0.14.1.

I’ve also update the react package to be synced with the upstream version number.


Damn you’re good sashko. MDG should hire you. :wink:


Yo, does anyone want to step up to update the react-todos example for 0.14, and new React Router?