Mdg:seo on Galaxy

I have a site deployed on Galaxy and just recently came across the instructions about SEO. Of course I immediately added the mdg:seo package to my project, redeployed, and voila pages are being rendered server-side.

However, none of those pages contain ANY javascript, making the quickly rendered page useless. Have I completely misunderstood SEO? Is it supposed to add the <script> tag to pull in app logic? How can I troubleshoot what is going on?



So I just read through the prerender docs and the removal of script tags is actually a feature.

Considering that my site makes use of bootstrap features like modals, which only work with javascript, I wonder what pre-rendered content could be really used for?

The only thing that works are <a href=></a> tags, but pagers or anything else that uses javascript does not.

Can anybody enlighten me on this?

It’s for SEO like the name of the package suggests. I don’t think the pre-rendered HTML is served to normal clients at all (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

Correct, it isn’t sent to normal clients. But thanks for the response, because I suddenly had the epiphany that this is only so search engines can index the content, and for that they don’t need modals to popup, etc.

Ultimately I should have just spelled out what SEO means … :slight_smile:

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I had come across such a realization too when I started doing SEO for my app. Maybe the documentation should be more explicit in stating that the output is not for normal human users.

You’re right with your comment. only prepares your content when bots like Googlebot…comes knocking, and the content is not served to real users, only bots - that’s the was left for bots to follow to other contents.