MDG, what about a default stack?


I am not sure if this has been discussed in detail but I am seeing a lack of code samples and packages since Meteor “opened it’s gates” to e.g. different UI frameworks or DDP vs Apollo.

For instance I searched for a decent sample to connect Meteor collections to a data table in React. The only thing I could find was Meteor-Griddle (which uses an outdated approach to connect to Meteor data). Maybe I am searching in the wrong places?

Also some of the fantastic Blaze packages like @aldeed s AutoForms or yogiben:admin are somewhat “abandoned”, since many people don’t use Blaze any more.

Maybe it is time for MDG to define a default Stack?

Imagine something like React + Sass + Apollo + TypeScript. Thats it. All samples, all packages all tutorials. It would be beautiful (** tears in my eyes **).

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