Meet - If Slack and Trello had a baby

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce OnHive. (

Update: We are on Product Hunt today!

Hive aims to encourage collaboration and contextual conversations within your team. It lets you manage your tasks, content, recruitment, meetings or anything else that your team needs in a simple way, and in one place.

That’s the pitch. If you’re using multiple apps in your team but struggle to get people actually using them, then Hive could be for you :smile:

I’d love some feedback around the idea and execution (its of course built on Meteor).

To signup enter “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” on the signup screen.

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is this using meteor? :wink:

Just “viewed source” - and yes, it is! :smile:

@ralpheiligan yep built using meteor :smile:

I’m actually a designer by trade so Meteor has been great for me to be able to prototype out an idea quickly.

I’d love to hear any questions, feedback or suggestions if anyone has any.

@saxonf Please get in touch - our ideas are very similar and I need a UI designer for this and other ideas.

Hey @tidee, thanks but I’m not looking for partnership at this stage. Best of luck with your projects!

Ok looks cool and you are moving in right direction. So feedback.

1. - this is marketing section url )

  1. I guess we have chats and rooms in chats. hmm do we really need that ? New room and Add room are they the same ? hmm there is more, you can create rooms within rooms within rooms that’s crazy )

  2. Everything has a room, why ? do we need that ? may be it’s a bug

That’s it so far
p.s. what do you use for picture upload ?

I love it, had a play and think I killed it :frowning:
I moved a parent room into a child of itself just to see what would happen and it kind of locked up…

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You can look at what packages are installed with dev tools, looks like they are using collectionFS.

This kills the server.

Hey @cstrat. Good find! Problem should now be fixed :smile:

I wasn’t trying to find bugs I swear :smiley:
What I really wanted to do was work out how to move a child room back to being a root room. It doesn’t seem possible through dragging.

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Excited to share that OnHive is on Product Hunt today! Head on over, check it out, and start a conversation :smile: