Meetups for March, April 2022

I’m hosting a quick meetup tomorrow March 25th for people to hang out and talk about stuff, given the recent event I’m sure many people would like to get things off their chests :wink: or just meet with other Meteor fans:

Next @alimgafar is hosting a Meteor NYC meetup:

We might have another DACH meetup later in April (@jkuester ). Check back later for updates!


We have a point system game running on the meetups page, I have completely forgotten about it, but this funny thing was brought to my attention:

The dominion of Jan’s is unchallenged. :rofl:
I think I will have to prepare a price for the winners of this game. Deadline Meteor Impact after which we’ll reset points. That is if anyone can unseat us. :smiling_imp:

I will be hosting Meteor hangouts at least monthly, so that there are plenty of opportunities to gain points and because it is fun.


A few new events from me:

Today, Saturday 2nd April, I’m hosting a stream about building a Web3 login package:

On April 9th I’m hosting an offtopic meetup about my travels in Japan:

On April 28th @fredmaiaarantes is hosting a Brazilian meetup in Portuguese:

On April 30th I’m hosting a community hangout:

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