Members only forum

quickest way to set up a members only forum for app users? without them having to create / manage user accounts themselves?

Access to it would come from within the app, whether its embedded or linked… so it would be great if the app can just log them in.

I have not tried yet but I’m planning to use this forum app being used by Meteor

@rjdavid I thought about discourse but I’m not sure if you can log a user in programmatically with it, can it do that?

There is zero concept of user accounts in my app from the user’s perspective — my app uses meteor’s user accounts system under the hood, but users access this app inside of another platform that they’re already logged in to. The app interacts with that platform via oAuth, so users never deal with remembering log in credentials for this app.

I’m trying to see if there is a forum platform that lets you create accounts and log in users without the users themselves having to type in login credentials. Does discourse do that?

Okay did a little Google-Fu and got this

I’ll give that a shot, thanks