Memory leak in clear Meteor.js instance

I have a problem with a Meteor.js leak memory. I’ve used node-ddp npm plugin to simulate N users for my new Meteor.js instance. Furthermore, the application is connected with Kadira.

I simulate ~500 users and Kadira shown that my memory grows every minute

Any ideas?


Is that a leak, or just the result of many simultaneous clients?

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this users sessions was spawned by me and they are only holding thr connection so ram usage could be on the same level all the time

So you start with 500 users (at 21:03), and you get a steady increase in memory?

It may still be down to node’s rather Laissez-faire attitude to garbage collection.

So it is normal that garbage collection used the memory up to the limit and if memory is around the limit then garbage collection tries to free some of memory, yes?

It’s a little more complicated! This thread may help:

Thank you :)!

Now I have another problem… I tried to simulate more than 8180 users but every time I’ve got “Unexpected error.”. I repeated the test several times and every time when I’ve got 8000 users applications works perfect, but when I added additional 200 users then Meteor shows “Unexpected error.”. Is there any connections limit? I’ve setup ulimit more than 10000 connections