Memory leak in v 1.4?


We just pushed out an update of our app from 1.3 to 1.4. The only update to our app is what came down from “meteor update” and “meteor npm install --save bcrypt”.

After extensive testing in the sandbox, we pushed to production. Within 35 minutes, servos were crashing out of memory. We did not notice this in the sandbox, but with live users it blew up fast. Obviously we rolled back to v1.3.

Has anyone else seen a similar problem? Or have any suggestions?


this could be related to the change in node version.

later node versions changed the GC threshold

see here:


Yes,i did notice this on IOS when building but never gobbled up the memory as you describe.


Do you have Kadira installed to see if you can track down the issue?


I do not. Thanks for asking… its on my infinite list of things to do. Meanwhile, we are going to stay put on 1.3 and keep knocking out features.