Meteo and Postgre

Hello everyone
Probably a question asked many times, but I can’t find a satisfactory solution on the net: How to migrate a Meteor application from MongoDB to PostGre.
Or a link to a tutorial, or a small application written with Meteor and PosGre.

Thank you for your help.

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Are you sure it’s not the other way around that you want? Like from whatever RDBMS to MongoDB?

no, I would like my meteor application to use PostGre instead of mongodb

You can try to use Apollo Graphql to access your PostgreSQL instead Mongodb. Or some component to connect to it.

But, personally, I think that Mongodb has enough conditions to be used by any project. Let me know if you need some help with Mongodb.

And there is much more. Search the forums.

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Thank you all for your answers,
but I found a hosting solution at a very good price for MONGODB. In fact that was my cause for my desire to migrate from MongoDB to postGres.
So I keep my MongoDB database and I’m very happy with it.
Thank you all and my apologies for the noise.


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Which MongoDB host did you go with?

I had the choice between “” and “
Finally I chose “” with which I had better contact.
It will only cost between 10 and 20 Swiss francs.
It’s a lot more than Heroku, but I can take it.

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