Meteor 1.0.4: Facebook plugin fails to load on mobile platforms

The facebook plugin never loads on mobile platforms with meteor 1.0.4 version. I am seeing below warning on console when I run the meteor application

meteor run ios
"Meteor settings for accounts-facebook-cordova not configured correctly"

I have installed below packages to integrate facebook login and comments features on mobile platforms:

  1. particl4-dev: facebook
  2. Installed cordova facebook plugin

Can you please let me know if any of you encountered this issue before?


I am also facing this issue.
I am using accounts-facebook-cordova meteor package.
i have below entry into my mobile.config.js
App.configurePlugin(‘com.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect’, {
APP_ID: ‘793575667344318’,
APP_NAME: ‘Muze life’


Please help

Anyone figured this out yet?
The documentation is extremely confusing for particl4-dev: facebook

  • cordova.facebook.json OR settings.json?
  • CFB.loginCodova(client only) - CFB is undefined when run on an iOS device?
  • facebookConnectPlugin.login([“email”], success, fail) - cordova facebook plugins still works, but what after this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I created a sample project to reproduce the FB library load issue on mobile platforms. I installed following packages for facebook support.

  • particle4dev:cordova-fb
  • accounts-ui

Please let me know if you have any suggestion

OK. So I tried both particl4-dev: facebook and vicentealencar:cordova-fb for hours and couldn’t get them to work. Then I simply decided to follow word to word. And it works flawlessly on iOS.

If you have your own login buttons for facebook, then add accounts-ui just for the first time facebook configuration. Make sure the login type is set as “redirect” to make it work like native on iOS and a popup on the web.

Thank you so much for the update.

@insaneinc I followed the exact steps which you mentioned in the previous thread. The facebook login on mobile platform worked seamlessly. But, I am now encountering an issue with enabling facebook comments feature on mobile platforms. I added the following fb code to template but the fb comments box never showed up in mobile app (It works fine in website).

Do you have suggestions or ideas to get passed this issue?

Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t come to implementing facebook comments yet. :smile: Don’t have that requirement in my app at the moment. Will look forward to your update, please do post it once you crack it. Thanks!