Meteor 1.10.2 No Matching Login attempt found

Hi community,

We have an ancient Meteor app that is based on Meteor 1.10.2. It worked for a long time, but recently we started seeing an error “No Matching Login attempt found”. The authentication seems to work fine, and we can see the login method is called along with the credentialToken and credentialSecret, but somehow the result came back with “No matching login attempt found.”

We have not updated any packages or changed anything in our environment. I know this is a long shot but does anyone see some similar issues that can give me a lead on the issue?

Many thanks,

if (!result) {
    // OAuth credentialToken is not recognized, which could be either
    // because the popup was closed by the user before completion, or
    // some sort of error where the oauth provider didn't talk to our
    // server correctly and closed the popup somehow.
    // We assume it was user canceled and report it as such, using a
    // numeric code that the client recognizes (XXX this will get
    // replaced by a symbolic error code at some point
    // This
    // will mask failures where things are misconfigured such that the
    // server doesn't see the request but does close the window. This
    // seems unlikely.
    // XXX we want `type` to be the service name such as "facebook"
    return { type: "oauth",
             error: new Meteor.Error(
               "No matching login attempt found") };

I guess your Oauth provider changed their API, it’s a decade ago right?