Meteor 1.11 & meteor-client bundler (meteor-client.js & meteor dir)

I use meteor as server, combined with an ionic 5 (& cordova 10) hybrid app. The connection between app & server is established with meteor-client.js and meteor dir (in node_modules), generated with meteor-client bundler. Recently I upgraded from meteor 1.8.1 to 1.11.

The problem is I can only generate a meteor-client.js for meteor, without crashing the app on startup. As I remember this problem with meteor-client bundler exists since meteor 1.8.1. Is there any solution or work-around for this problem?

How i use meteor-client bundler:
export ROOT_URL= && meteor-client bundle -c meteor-client.config.json


  "release": "",
  "runtime": {
    "ROOT_URL": "",
    "autoupdate": {
      "versions": {}
  "generateNodeModules": true,
  "import": [










  "npmPackages": []