Meteor on ARM (UDOO, Raspberry, ODroid, others)

We proudly updated finally the Meteor universal fork @ GitHub to the current stable release Starting from this release we provide full ready pre-built dev_bundles for ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures. Installation on those is as easy and smooth like the official meteor installer.

Please read the updated README at the project’s page on Github with installation instructions an additional information. Coming up very soon with some new documentation at our meteor universal tumblr blog to describe all the processes if you need to build your own dev_bundles.

From now on we will continue our support of the ready-to-use dev_bundles at our BINTRAY Repository also for the upcoming meteor releases.

Just to say it as a short note: We have ported the bundled release of mongodb 2.6.7 to ARM architecture as well as doing some bug fixes on node-fibers fork for ARM. So the pre-built dev_bundles are delivering “exactly” the same versions also on your ARM boards. You do not need to compile yourself anymore on this architectures to run meteor (hopefully ;-))

The every last step is missing because I had not yet the right help to build a “release version” for ARM. See my request issue and comment on Github. Maybe someone can give some assist on that.

Hopefully this work will raise up the use of meteor on ARM boards, especially when having IoT projects like we do or when running your projects on cool price servers using hosters like


Known working boards:

  1. UDOO Dual (Lubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu Core 14.04)
  2. UDOO Quad (Lubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu Core 14.04)
  3. Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (Raspbian wheezy, jessie)
  4. Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian jessie, Ubuntu 14.04)
  5. ODROID C1 (Lubuntu 14.04)
  6. ODROID U3 (Lubuntu 14.04)
  7. BeagleBone Black (Ubuntu 14.04)
  8. PcDuino v3 (Ubuntu 14.04)
  9. Server (Ubuntu 14.04)
  10. ARM Chromebook

I got also a testing environment on the Linaro ARM Cluster to check if porting on ARMv8 (aarch64) is already possible. Unfourturnally it isn’t yet cause by missing node support when using v0.10.x.

I will keep this thread and continue once when Meteor will support the newer node releases with support for aarch64 like node v3 or v4.

As reported on Github, you could run meteor now also on ARM Chromebooks. I updated the list of known boards.