Meteor 1.2.1 Building application very slow with high cpu usage

Hello All,

I have a blank project with on coffee file (2 lines of code ) for router and html for layout with just template declared.
when i run meteor it takes nearly 30-35 s to restart and refresh, I checked taskmanager and there is Evented I/O V8 Javascript process which has a very high cpu usage.

I tried looking for this issue but didnt find solution, can anyone help me please, its beacoming really frustrating to work with such lags.

Below are the details related to my setup.
Windows 10 x64
packages : iron:router, coffeescript


Perhaps unrelated, but I’ve also noticed that restarting is slower on 1.2. The node process appears to run at 100% cpu for almost twice as long as it did pre 1.2 which is surprising because I was expecting performance improvements here from this release, not degradation.

And yes, very frustrating!

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I have the same problem, when I run “meteor” in command line then Evented I/O V8 Javascript starts and the Disk usage is 100% which causes the computer work very slowly. I tried to reinstall but it doesn’t help. I’m very frustrated