Meteor 1.2.1 not working on Windows 10

I had meteor 1.0 and it worked just fine on windows 8.1. Then, the Windows 10 update arrived and in and around the same time Meteor 1.2.1 was announced. But, it doesnt seem to work on my PC.

Here’s the error message: This app uses Meteor 1.2.1 which is not available for Windows. Please use meteor --release METEOR@1.2.1 to pin this app to the latest windows compatible release.

Nothing changes after using that command. It just gives the same error.

I have removed and completely deleted my copy of meteor and now cannot re install it too. The windows installer is lame.

What can be done?

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It works for me on Windows 10. I am not sure what to suggest, though. Just wanted to confirm it is possible to run that version on W10.