Meteor 1.2 static-html package, how's it work?

Until now, the only way to compile .html files to get static content for your and was to include the templating package, which requires blaze. In Meteor 1.2, if you don’t want to include Blaze in your app but still want to render static content, just remove the blaze-html-templates package from your app and add static-html. This way, you can easily render a starting page that you can then render into using React or Angular.

So does this mean if I want to have an app that has a few static pitch pages, I don’t have to do something in my nginx config to point to a separate folder to static files? How does it work? Where do the HTML files go? Will spiders be able to index them without PhantomJS?


Does someone already knew how this feature works?

Would love some more info on this. Looking at using a third party UI library that isn’t react or angular.

You just swap this out with blaze. It’s meant to give you an initial html page that is ready instantly (as opposed to a #root div not being ready when React/Angular/etc… is starting. This also reduces bundle size by not including Blaze.