[meteor 1.3.1] meteor packages only load when import?


meteor 1.3 support npm packages too,
so i don’t know Meteor packages is only run when imported like npm packages ?
or it will be loaded whenever ?


Outside of imports folder, it should still eagerly load similar to 1.2.1.


thanks mr @nolapete so i love imports folders :smiley:
if we just install package and without import, it still run when app run ?


Only outside of imports from what I understand from the meteor guide.


Yes, Meteor packages always execute when the app starts, regardless of whether they are imported at all.


From meteor guide 1.3


Is it just me or is that a poor choice for a directory name?

Without reading the documents, I would have assumed anything inside a folder called imports would be automatically imported…


What would you call it?


Yeah I am not sure, something that implies that the files are not imported? (I could be completely wrong on this, I haven’t come across this before and just my initial impression from seeing the documentation)

How about rather than relying on the directory structure couldn’t there be a settings.json flag which requests which method of compilation you want? I am guessing thats a bigger change…

To be honest, I don’t really fully understand the implications of what I am suggesting.
I am still running my apps with the old structure (root dir with client/server/lib/public dirs) and the imports folder just confused me. :slight_smile:


How about calling it “onlyimportedifyouimport” ?


For me it’s still unclear. If I’m in the imports dir, should I import atmosphere packages or not?
For example I’m editing the /imports/startup/routes.js file. Should I have a line that imports FlowRouter like this?
import { FlowRouter } from ‘meteor/kadira:flow-router’;