Meteor 1.3.2 how to import font files?

For example, I use summernote, now I can import css from the summernte/dist/summernote.css, but no way to handle font files in summernote/dist/font

save your font in public folder

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I think rather than rely on the fact that Meteor 1.3.2 can now import CSS files from npm, it may be better to use the smart package approach for reasons such as this. There are other CSS packages like twbs:bootstrap which would require importing specific files so that means you’d have to know what files are around rather than simply meteor add twbs:bootstrap

I’m also interested in finding a solution to this, because even if we imported the fonts, the path wouldn’t be appropiated in terms of the application. (assets will be loaded on your currentpage/fonts or something like that instead of /fonts/xxx

Update: What I ended doing is to copying the needed fonts to /public/fonts and
instead of importing css, I import the scss version and change the font path (tried to change the path to the node_modules relative path and din’t work)

for example with bootstrap and font-awesome

$icon-font-path: "/fonts/";
@import "{}/node_modules/bootstrap-sass/assets/stylesheets/_bootstrap.scss";

@import "{}/node_modules/font-awesome/scss/font-awesome.scss";

My case is the same as yours. What I do now is copying font files in /public/font/… and copying css files into app dirs.
I hope there would be a official solution.

I think it’s time to move from atmosphere to npm, so for any need, if you can handle it with npm, do not use atmosphere, the same with bootstrap, summernote, and more.