Meteor 1.3.3 window install is not working




meteor update 

in your project folder


meteor update doesn’t work also


I think it’s the same problem :
I don’t know how to resolve it, it’s weird and cost much times to me :confused:


I have searched everywhere for this but no use. I don’t know why meteor is not fixing it already. I am so frustrated.:tired_face:


Yeah it’s hard, meteor does’nt work on my W10 since last week …


FYI, this has been reported on as meteor issue #7221. It appears to be a Windows (both 7 & 10) specific problem and happens with the most basic apps. I’d bet they are fast at work on


I have also installed meteor 1,3,3 on windows.I have a same issue on my machine


I have also been facing with this problem on Windows 8 Pro. Not specific to 7 & 10. It is a common problem.


They screwed up this update for sure.
On my Win 7 & 10 machines – both killed.


1.3.3 is working fine for me on Windows 7


Update is fine… mostly.
accounts-twitter upgraded from 1.0.10 to 1.0.9 – TypeError: Cannot read property ‘force_login’ of null
Downgraded Meteor back to – went back to working again!

New projects are not working when created.