Meteor 1.3.4: preferred way to import client-side js/css files from npm?


With official NPM support being available for Meteor, together with the meteor-node-stubs package, it should now be easily possible to import client-side libraries such as Bootstrap, Semantic-UI and Foundation in your Meteor project.

What is the preferred way of doing this?

  • Create a client/lib folder containing an imports.js and imports.less file, containig all import statements of libraries?
  • Create a client/main.html file containing a tag with all the css and js imports explicitly?
  • Create a public/ folder with symlinks to the js/css files in the node_modules folder, and then referring to them explicitly via a main.html?
  • Create symlinks between js/css files and the client/ folder?

Thanks in advance.


With JS I always import it in the react component that I need it in. Import where you need it.

CSS I’m also struggling with. Have copied it over directly into my project. Though, have seen some slick stuff with package.json scripts.