Meteor 1.3 and associating css with a template file?

I’m working with the tutorial code from the meteor site, and am expanding on it for some practice. I want to add the body.html code into some templates (one for header, and one of the rest, then use those in another template that I then put into the body.html.

I also want to use separate css files for each template file, or at least for some on occasion.

So structure would be

body.html - template1.html -- template2.html -- template3.html

And I would have css for template1, template2, and template3. Is there a special way I need to put these files into a folder structure. Right now I’m putting them all in the ui folder from the tutorial.

I was doing well with Meteor 1.2.1, but 1.3 is throwing me off a bit now.