Meteor 1.3 and Cordova, where to start?

I’ve messed around a bit with meteor run ios and it’s pretty straightforward on a very basic level (as in, “I see my app come up on the screen!”). :wink: But I’m looking to get into it a little deeper, and I’m wondering where I can find good reference materials on how to use it within Meteor. How do I customize the app icon and splash screen? How do I access iOS and Android native functions? Is there a way to get that “swipe from left edge of screen = back” behavior? Push notifications? Accessing native dialogs, that sort of thing.

Basically anything that’s useful would be great.

I’m armed with these two things so far:

But I’m not sure how much of the Cordova official docs apply to Meteor, and how some of that would translate.

iOS and Android native functions would be accessed through cordova plugins.
App icons and splash screens should be placed in resource folder icons/splashscreens and referenced in mobile-config.js (See example below). There are also a few things that needs to be configured inside xcode to make sure you have each icon for each supported device.

I’ve had huge success using Raix:Push (@raix) which is pretty straight forward.
The messy bit are all the certs that apple requires you to use. Luckily, Raix got you covered in the readme. Setting up for android is less messy.

You can use the cordova docs as reference while working with cordova in Meteor.
Sorry for the short answers - wrote this on the bus home.

  'iphone': 'resources/icons/Icon-60.png',
  'iphone_2x': 'resources/icons/Icon-60@2x.png',
  'iphone_3x': 'resources/icons/Icon-60@3x.png',
  'android_ldpi': 'resources/icons/Icon-ldpi.png',
  'android_mdpi': 'resources/icons/Icon-mdpi.png',
  'android_hdpi': 'resources/icons/Icon-hdpi.png',
  'android_xhdpi': 'resources/icons/Icon-xhdpi.png'

  'iphone': 'resources/SplashScreens/Default.png',
  'iphone_2x': 'resources/SplashScreens/Default@2x.png',
  'iphone5': 'resources/SplashScreens/Default-568h@2x.png',
  'iphone6': 'resources/SplashScreens/Default-667h@2x.png',
  'iphone6p_portrait': 'resources/SplashScreens/Default-Portrait-736h@3x.png',

  'android_ldpi_portrait': 'resources/SplashScreens/Icon-ldpi.png',
  'android_mdpi_portrait': 'resources/SplashScreens/Icon-mdpi.png',
  'android_hdpi_portrait': 'resources/SplashScreens/Icon-hdpi.png',
  'android_xhdpi_portrait': 'resources/SplashScreens/Icon-xhdpi.png'