Meteor 1.3 - Android app Icon


I have recently upgraded my cordova app to 1.3. I am unable to get the app to build using my desired icon, and instead it uses the default meteor logo. It always used to work correctly before the upgrade. I noticed a warning message indicating that android_ldpi is now deprecated, so I have removed it from my mobile-config.

The relevant code is as below:

  /* Apple devices */
  iphone_2x: 'resources/icons/ios-beta/app-icon-iphone@2x.png',
  iphone_3x: 'resources/icons/ios-beta/app-icon-iphone@3x.png',
  ipad:      'resources/icons/ios-beta/app-icon-ipad.png',
  ipad_2x:   'resources/icons/ios-beta/app-icon-ipad@2x.png',
  /* Android Devices */
  android_mdpi:  'resources/icons/android/android_mdpi48x48.png',
  android_hdpi:  'resources/icons/android/android_hdpi72x72.png',
  android_xhdpi: 'resources/icons/android/android_xhdpi96x96.png'

Is there any issue with the above code? I have confirmed that the icons are genuinely at the correct path.

I realise there are a few threads that discuss this issue, but I’m struggling to find a solution.

Additionally, when going to the multi-tasking menu (i.e. where I can swipe windows to close apps), the window pane there is black and uses the meteor logo. Is it possible to change these as well?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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@martijnwalraven apologies, would you be able to provide any help with this?

I have since added icons for android_xxhdpi, and android_xxxhdpi as well, but the app is still using the meteor logo when I build it on android. It works fine on iOS.

That looks all right to me. Are you sure the images are the exact size required?

Many thanks for the quick reply.

Just double checked, and they are all indeed the right sizes.

Also always used to work with 1.2 and with the android_ldpi icon included.

Having the same issue with the iPhone, app icon is there, but for push notifications the icon is reverting to the default meteor logo

Same issue, any luck resolving? I’m running

UPDATE: Generating the xx and xxx icons fixed the problem for me

Hello i have the same problem but it doesn’t happen on every phones… i read u fixed the problem withh xxx icons but where ccan i find the size of it ?

xx is 144x144
xxx is 192x192

This shows the sizes too

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remove the android platform, add it again and then build.

1. meteor list-platforms
2. meteor remove-platform android
3. meteor add-platform android

After removing and adding android, nothing has changed, unsurprisingly. There is therefore no change to commit… so we are back where we started.


Here is the relevant excerpt from mobile-config.js:

	// Android
	android_mdpi : "resources/icons/mipmap-mdpi/ic_launcher.png",
	android_hdpi : "resources/icons/mipmap-hdpi/ic_launcher.png",
	android_xhdpi : "resources/icons/mipmap-xhdpi/ic_launcher.png",
	android_xxhdpi : "resources/icons/mipmap-xxhdpi/ic_launcher.png",
	android_xxxhdpi : "resources/icons/mipmap-xxxhdpi/ic_launcher.png"

All these images are PNGs having the requisite sizes.

It seems that both icons and splashscreens must be defined… otherwise neither one will work!
Having created all the splashscreens, now everything is fine. But… why???

Confirmed, you need the ENTIRE configuration for this to work.