Meteor 1.3 can't see newrelic's config.default.js

I’m trying to implement new relic into my Meteor 1.3 app. I installed it using npm then followed the instructions, then tried to import or require it. But I got an error that I’ve checked

Error: Cannot find module '/node_modules/newrelic/lib/config.default.js'

node_modules and the file exists in the path error described.

Have you found a solution for this?

Yeah after I was at the beta version back then, after I updated to the stable version of 1.3 it was fixed

@khaledkaram can you please disclose your New Relic integration details? I’m having issues with configuring it for Meteor 1.3:

  1. Patched my main.js with echo -e "require('newrelic');\n\n$(cat main.js)" > main.js.
  2. Added newrelic.js to my bundle, but no data seems to be captured.