Meteor 1.3 coming in late February?

Meteor 1.3 coming with a lot of feature super excited and waiting for it.

February, I do not know but according to @arunoda predict for late March

I always refer to the meeting notes of MDG themselves:

1.3 is probably toward the end of February.



I think it’s too optimistic

Would be insane but let’s not spread rumors.

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Looking at the amount of work they’re doing, I think it will be later too. Like almost every planning you will have to add at least 1/3 of the expected remaining time :wink: We’ll see.

actually with a podcast between @benstr & @sashko sasko was hinting that 1.3 will be released in late february :slight_smile:

Yeah the meeting notes are from the Meteor Guide team to know when we need to prepare the new guidance about testing and modules, so it’s a pretty optimistic estimate. And the podcast was referring to that as well.

I think the trick will be figuring out which features will go in 1.3, and which will be in a future release. It benefits everyone to get releases out faster so that people can start building on a stable foundation, even though it doesn’t have 100% of the features.

Anyway, I’m not an authority on the release date, I’m sure more info will be coming in soon! At the very least, you’ll see some kind of release candidate for final testing a week or two before the actual release.


I’d just like to say that it’s really awesome to see an open source project put their standup notes on GitHub. more projects should do that, it’s a great way to be transparent :+1: