Meteor 1.3 - Conflict between npm react and kadira:react-layout

There’s a problem if one is using the NPM version of React, and kadira:react-layout. It’s because the latter is including the Meteor React packages, and if you try to do something like <input ref="hello" /> in a component, an error is thrown that talks about two instances of React being included.

I’ve worked around it by just creating /lib/react-layout.js and copying this file into it, then removing the kadira:react-layout package. I assume at some point, kadira:react-layout will be copied to NPM’s registry.

Error details:

Yes it is.
I’m working on it.

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Looks like we could use this in the mean time?

Once you port react-layout over to NPM, what would be the differences between react-mounter and react-layout? Any advantage of one over the other?

It’s the same thing but react-mounter is comes via NPM.

So, you should use it with Meteor 1.3 and React using with FlowRouter.