Meteor 1.3 eating RAM and CPU

Hi All,

First post so sorry for it being a negative one. I have generally been very impressed with Meteor up until this point.

Unfortunately, for me, 1.3 is not working well. The initial symptom is a doubling of required RAM. I have also seen constant CPU usage even with no clients but I dont have evidence to back that up yet.

Using the simple-todos aop with 1.2.1 I use about 160MB for the main node process.
Upgrading to 1.3 this expands to 300MB. The images below show this in action on my windows machine. I have noticed the same thing on our linux production box.

I see the same problem in my own app which is now chugging through 1.7GB of RAM (previously less than 1GB) with no clients.

Can anyone help please?

here is a screengrab with 1.2.1:

and here is the same with 1.3:

Did you check if that’s still the case in production environment?

How long did you wait? On Mac I had no issues, a developer on Linux did. After a while (hour or so) the background processes for updating seem to be done and then it is ok again.

I had exactly the same issue. I’ve since re-installed meteor:

rm -rf ~/.meteor
curl | sh

and all is well again. May be coincidence.


Personally, I would give away even 5GB of ram in exchange for faster reloads…

Are reloads really that slow? I’ve been working on a large project with 1.3 and react and am always amazed at the speed at which code reloads occur.

I guess its not on mid 2012 MacBook :frowning: (16GB ram, 2.3 GHz i7, Hard Drive)

For me (2013 Macbook Pro, i5, SSD) it takes about 3 seconds to reload after client change, and about 10 seconds after change in lib folder, on Meteor 1.3 (app which wasn’t refactored to use modules yet). Which isn’t exactly blazingly fast, but manageable.

Thank you! This seemed to resolve the problem :))

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I experience the same problem on my computer but it’s mainly the CPU usage that is bugging me. My computer runs hot and the fans kick in as soon as I run my app.

I installed Meteor 1.3 yesterday and tried removing and reinstalling it today (as per robfallows suggestion). Anyone know what the issue is?

Seems my issue was that I was running the app with npm start.

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You can use the NPM that Meteor provides for you, this resolved the issue for me: meteor npm start

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@dufia Consider trying a ramdisk. It won’t give you all the speed you want, but it will improve build time substantially.

I’m seeing my CPU at 176% too. No idea whats caused it :frowning: Just started happening (seemingly) for no apparent reason.

I’m starting Meteor with the ‘meteor’ command however.

Any ideas?

Same number 176%, “the solution” was upgrading to 1.4 and now it is <1%…

I think this issue arises if you have Meteor 1.3 installed but you project is running on 1.2.*. Would be good if someone could confirm though.

No, it’s when you run apps on older Meteor versions using the Meteor 1.4 tool. Once the new (1.4) command line tool has downloaded, which it does automatically in the background, you’re actually starting your older apps using the 1.4 version of the tool. Updating apps to 1.4 fixes this problem (but it may raise other problems - beware!).

Refer to this thread: Heavy CPU use after tool update to 1.4 and the associated issue on github:

The workaround given there is to start your older apps with the older meteor tool. i.e. instead of typing …


… to start your app, paste:





I’ve seen meteor constantly checking for files having changed (in dev mode). This makes my fan run crazy, and the process continually is running… I found a way to set an environment variable that will get it to run this file change detection once every 30 seconds thereby calming my CPU significantly: on Windoze: