Meteor 1.3 example using Redux, react-komposer, and reactive data

Taking a totally different approach, I’ll post once I have something solid. It will also be more heavily commented.

Why not use Mantra from Kadirahq?

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Because I have no idea what it is and can’t keep up with the thousands of new Meteor-related things that pop up every week! :wink:


Hello, my question fits into the description of this topic. Is there a way to put my data which was received via komposer to redux store without cloning it?

Example: Lets say we fetch posts cursor

function composer(props, onData) {
  if (Meteor.subscribe('posts').ready()) {
    const posts = Posts.find({}, {sort: {_id: 1}}).fetch();
    onData(null, {posts});

Now I need that this posts cursor should been stored in store. Usually we need to call actionCreator on this data, but in that case we will have a cloned data, right? How could we avoid data cloning?