[Meteor 1.3] How to use npm UI libraries?

Hey guys,
after moving to Meteor 1.3 I need to remove bower from my project and use it’s packages as NPM packages. Now my question is the following: How could I use pure CSS libraries like “Hover.css” (installed via npm install hover.css in my project, how do I have to include it? I’m using Blaze with Meteor.

Referenced it here, actually not possible without a “workaround”. This is unbelievable…

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Can you not just put hover.css in your client folder somewhere and meteor will do the rest. To me, using npm to load CSS libs seems strange. It’s node package manager. Npm ui libraries like material ui work like a treat, but they are JS ui libraries (which rely on react).

You’ll have the same problem, if you use a Javascript library like SweetAlert, which has JS and CSS files. For all “none Node Javascript” I’ve used Bower before, but it’s Meteor package is now deprecated. NPM is actually more than a pure Node package manager if you see all the libraries on it.

As far as I know, MDG will fix this issue on 1.3.1, but I can’t understand, how a professional company which builds a fullstack framework can forget about CSS and only provides the solution to “copy all needed CSS files into the public folder”. In my case, 1.3 is absoulutely unusable.

I can see where you’re coming from, but there’s also nothing preventing you from staying on 1.2 until 1.3.1 comes out. Hopefully it won’t be too long :slight_smile:

@sacha Yeah, but atm I’m developing a new project and was on the beginning when 1.3 was released. So I just thought I can move my current “1.2 code” easily over to 1.3, but now I have to write my whole app in 1.2 and then “rewrite” it for 1.3.1

I know that most of the React people don’t have a problem with it, because React add’s style information in the component, but I’ve just read a while ago that Meteor is a “open framework for React, Blaze and Angular people” and now MDG totally forgot the last two.

Well, speaking for myself I just copied over the CSS file for now knowing it only takes 10 seconds, and that I’ll be able to get rid of that small hack in a couple weeks.

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