Meteor 1.3 IE8+ support?

Very nice to see the release von Meteor 1.3 and Meteor’s progress.
I just tested an update to the latest Meteor 1.3 version, with a recent (medical) project, where I needed IE8+ support.

Didnt find infos on the topic ‘browser compatibility’ anywhere in the release notes, but am i guessing right, that IE8 support has been dropped in Meteor 1.3?

See attached image for result of meteors initial output after creating a new peoject with ‘meteor create’.

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As far as I know IE8 is still supported. There are still several IE8 workarounds (hacks) in the Meteor codebase, some of which were updated fairly recently. Are you seeing any errors in your Meteor server console on startup? There have been a number of Meteor 1.3 running on Windows issues lately so it’s possible you’re running into one of those.

I am talking about a Meteor app, running on an IE8 Browser. Not a Meteor server running on Windows XP, where IE8 is installed - so no errors are outputted on the server.
See attached screenshot, which shows output of the standard kickstart app, that comes by using ‘meteor create’ on IE8, for of bundle of the errors.

Got it, sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ve tested it out and see the same errors. I believe IE8 should be supported (especially since the es5-shim package is installed with every new project by default, and includes IE8 support). I’d suggest opening an issue.

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I just investigated this problem again and it seems the page crashes, because es5-shim is loaded after the Meteor bundles, eg. modules-runtime.js.

Didn’t find a way yet, to influence load order of scripts. Putting es5-shim on top of package file didn’t resolve the issue.

Anyone has an idea, how to influence scripts load order?

@hwillson @mperkh did this ever get resolved? I’m seeing my app crash on startup in ie8 but works in ie11, chrome, etc

According to this issue:

@abernix stated that since IE8 has end EOL it will not be supported any more. Though maybe with the new legacy bundles introduced in 1.7 it might warrant a look. @benjamn

Personally though I think this is stretching it.