Meteor 1.3 "Meteor" symbol gone from global scope?

I noticed in Meteor 1.3 that Meteor isn’t available at the command line (it’s not global on window. Is Meteor now encapsulated in the new modules system (global to app code that is also inside that scope) and not placed onto window?

I’m not the best one to answer since other people are working on the module system, but I wouldn’t take anything in the current preview release as a solid indicator for how it will work in the final version of 1.3.

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For sure. I think it’s a good idea though, so that random scripts outside of the app’s code can’t probe for vulnerabilities (or subscribe to things they shouldn’t subscribe to, etc).

huh, without Meteor how do we handle login or create user on the client side?

@seanh We’d be using Meteor 1.3, and we’d import Meteor into our modules like this:

import Meteor from 'meteor' 


import Tracker from 'meteor/Tracker'

Those symbols would never be stored globally, and only given to use when we request them via the module system.


cool, that indeed look more modularize than before :smile:

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