Meteor 1.3 not reading node_modules correctly

I’m experiencing a rather annoying issue with Meteor 1.3.

I’ve installed a node package as instructed npm install shipping-ups. This package requires the basic https module from node. For some reason. When I try to import the package into my application, I receive errors on the browser saying Could not find module https . Is there something i’m missing here or is this a known issue?


Just as sure as I posted this message, I decided to move the importation to my server only code.

After I did this, I logged the contents of the module, and without any problem I was able to see the log on the server. I’m assuming this is because the NPM package is a server only package, and therefore Some of it’s contents were not available on the client side. I’m going to leave this message, in case others come across this issue.

Yep you’re right. The HTTPS package is a node feature, therefore it’s server side only. The UPS package sounds like something that should be server side anyway :slightly_smiling:

You’re right after I took the server side approach I actually proceeded and
launched my clients site I pondered this issue for nearly two weeks all to
find a 5 minute discovering within the time I writing that post. It’s
amazing how just being on a forum will help you think outside the box as
you’re typing your issue haha.

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This helped me with the Temboo Api , which works excellent with 13.rc3 thanks.