Meteor (1.3 rc1) Cordova App on iOS crashes ONLY when installed through Testflight


TL;DR App only runs in simulator and my own iPhone 5s, but does not run when distributed through Apple Testflight.

I am building an app for iOS, in Meteor 1.3 rc1 because I wanted to build it with ES6.
The problem I’m having is very strange.

When I build the app and run it on the iOS simulator, or my own iPhone 5s it just works fine.

But when I build the app and publish it to itunes connect, and download the app on my phone through Testflight it hangs on the splash screen (forever).

When I close it by pressing the home button and re-open it it crashes instantly.

I am building the app with
meteor build ../build --server=<myappsname..>

And the app’s URL is in the mobile-config.js

I also tried with App.setPreference('AutoHideSplashScreen', true); but no luck

This is very frustrating because I cannot debug it on the iPhone and check console messages (at least as far as i know)

Does anyone have any idea? If you need more info let me know

Simply upgrade to release/METEOR@1.3-rc.13

I’m guessing its this issue:
Had the same problem and I posted it here:

Hmm, that looks like the same issue indeed. I will try it right now, thanks!

–Edit, Yes! Finally. it works. But I did have to set the runpath search path for release manually even with the fix in 1.3-rc.13

Thank you so much for reading and replying!