Meteor 1.3 [rc2] - Cannot import <head>


I’m updating to meteor 1.3 in these days. I installed this morning the RC2

Into the previous release (1.2) I can successfully create a default <head> into the main layout and add as many <head> I want into separated files and Meteor takes care to concatenate together

Even the meteor demo app

presents the same problem. <head> is not loaded at all
I cannot find nothing even opening source code with web console

And also the <head> inside the main template layout is ignored
It returns only meteor stuff

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" class="__meteor-css__" href="/merged-stylesheets.css?hash=xxx">

Any idea how to use <head> files into this new Meteor pre-release?



Loading screen for Meteor app

See the following PR:


It works very well! I’m not sure how to implement multiple <head>, but I subscribe to the issue


I realize this is a really old issue, but I’ve just rebuilt an app to use import / export modules for the UI and am unable to get head elements from a template to compile into the main head. Is there any way to do that now? According to the Blaze docs, it should work. But it doesn’t, at least for me.